Meet The Team

We know that our continued success is largely down to our committed staff. We believe that life and business experience is the most important factor in putting a talented team together. Because of this, our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. You can take a glimpse into their daily lives at VST below.

Andrew Smart

Managing Director

How did VST begin? I wasn’t keen on the younger, full-time and scripted profile of telemarketing caller. I thought that calls would be better received and made by a more mature and experienced part-time worker. This led to the idea of staffing a telemarketing agency predominantly with part-time back to work mums and semi-retired professionals, performing short bursts of high quality calling activity provides a higher quality and more natural call.

What is your background? I returned home from a world travelling trip in 1994, needing a new challenge – I decided to give sales a try. I took a role as a business development manager (BDM) in point of sale print and packing – talking up to six companies a day. This is where I learnt my sales craft. Later, I took a job at a global through the line marketing agency. Here I began to understand professional marketing and sales from a corporate perspective. I then became a BDM for the agency’s contact centre.

What does your job involve? The most important part of my role is to set and manage the company culture. Our ‘one team’ approach is an aspect that our clients like and something I’m really proud of. I’m also responsible for commercial strategy, sales and marketing. I account direct some of our fab clients too, something that I very much enjoy.

Can you tell us something about yourself that not many people know? I appeared in an ITV game show called Pokerface with Ant and Dec. It was five weeks before I started VST. I came second and won £7000!


Laura Hancock

Operations Exec

How long have you worked for VST? I joined in March 2008, I’ll be celebrating 10 years in March 2018.

What is your background? Telemarketing, I worked for a telemarketing agency as an account manager and database specialist before joining VST.

What does your job involve? Supporting the management team through all activity, from implementation to account management. I manage data and support any data related activity from new data counts, data analysis, data imports/exports and I also administer the VST VIP incentive scheme.

You’ve got two hours to do anything you like, what is it? I’m sorry if this sounds boring. I’d choose to spend time with my family. To make it more exotic we could perhaps spend the 2 hours in the Maldives but I would be just as happy spending time at a sunny British seaside town sampling the local fish and chips out of the paper by the sea.


Louise Howson

Head of Delivery

How long have you worked for VST? For seven and a half years.

What is your background? Before I had my family I was a residential property lawyer for a national firm of solicitors. I worked for them from the age of 18 full-time, during that time I completed a Bachelor of Laws degree through the Open University.

What does your job involve? I’m the office manager. I do the resource planning, forecasting, scheduling, payroll, billing and accounts. I am also the account manager for one of our largest clients, I look after the team, set the strategy and do the account administration.

What would your last meal be? Something classic like steak and ale pie, with something very chocolaty for pudding!


Andy Vokes

Head of Operations

How long have you worked for VST? For 5 years now.

What is your background? I spent twenty four years with a major high street bank. My role covered a broad area but mainly focussed on card transaction processing.

What does your job involve? As general manager, I get involved in so many different areas of the business. The best way to describe my job is – to repair and oil the tracks to help keep the business running!

You’ve got 2 hours to do anything you like, what is it? A coastal walk with my partner and our new dog/s that we’re getting next year.


Laura-Beth Sutherland

Operations Manager

How long have you worked for VST? I started my innings on 18th March 2013! It will be five years in March 2018.

What is your background? I spent over six years in the retail sector before joining VST, this is my first office based role.

What does your job involve? I deal with the implementation  and operations area of the business, mainly dealing with on-boarding and setting up new campaigns through our implementation process, which covers:

Quality Assurance – overseeing the Quality Control department & assisting where required

Account Management – looking after accounts, liaising with clients, managing the calling team, setting objectives/targets and managing strategy

You’ve got 2 hours to do anything you like, what is it? My preference would be to see family & my beloved family dog, socialise and catch up with friends.


Hannah Dickeson

Recruitment Manager 

How long have you worked for VST? For around five and a half years.

What is your background? Predominantly sales, recruitment and training.

What does your job involve? I look after recruitment, training and human resources. So, no day is ever the same! My role involves recruitment advertising, interviewing, job offers, staff inductions, training right through to H.R matters! My role is super busy and offers lots of variety which I love! It always keeps me on my toes.

What would your last meal be? It would have to be pork belly, crackling and apple sauce around a table with my two favourite men – my partner and my son.


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