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Want to know why most clients have campaigns with us for 5 years or more?

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Identify your buyers

We blend technology and talented salespeople to generate high-value sales leads and appointment setting to fuel your ambitions.

Benefit from our advanced research and analytics to find and profile the right buyers for your products and services.

Qualify demand

Giving you the foresight of the buyer’s challenges and interests.

Sparking conversations and asking great questions for the best start to your ongoing relationship.

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Outsourced Sales

Retain & Grow markets

We have been putting our clients in front of their next customer since 2007.

Benefit from the flexibility and experience of a Virtual Sales Team for specific campaigns and creating overall business growth.

New Business

Meetings that become customers

of Target

Campaigns on target

Decision Maker

Engaging conversations every day

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One of the smartest moves we made..

”Our partnership with VIrtual Sales Team is proving to be one of the smartest moves our company has made, it’s been a sound investment Managing Director - Residential New Build, Technology & Entertainment Integrator

"feel like an extension of our own sales team"

”Virtual Sales Team only employ professional staff, trained to understand the campaign they are marketing before they make a call. They’ve booked me meetings with people I could only have dreamed of, my company now has several new clients who spend over five hundred thousand pounds each annually. Appointments set include national and international brands such as Fired Earth, Dunelm and Costco. They also offer constant support, I’ve now worked with the same people for the last two years so they really do feel like an extension of our own sales team.”Head Of Sales - Shop and interior fit out company

Opening doors and hitting targets every time

“I’m delighted with the way that Virtual Sales Team have approached the appointment-making process. The quality and quantity of meetings the team have arranged more than surpassed my initial expectations – they’re opening doors and hitting targets every time! Having the team on-board allows me to concentrate on making the best of the leads that they generate instead of me spending wasted hours trying to circumnavigate those particularly tenacious gatekeepers.”Head of Distribution, Marketing Movie marketing company that targets FTSE brands

VST live and breathe our brand

“Coming into a new role I realised the need to quickly establish a sales pipeline and take the ‘cold calling stigma’ from our own sales team. That is exactly what Virtual Sales Team do for you, they generate quality leads for your sales team to convert. Very quickly they were getting us in front of people that the business had previously struggled to engage with. Sales & Marketing Director - Retail support services

Top Employer Award

We are commended by Britain’s most family-friendly and flexible employer Awards.


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Andrew Smart (Managing Director) shares his vision and values and welcomes you on a tour of our lead generation centre.


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Virtual Sales Team  – Lead Generation Specialists

Virtual Sales Team (VST) is more than just an outsourced sales team: our mission is to connect you with your next customer. We’re an agile, efficient and cost-effective provider of solutions that helps you reduce unnecessary costs and head count allowing you to build up your business.

We work in partnership with you to achieve this, delivering the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and top talent – these are the people who will be working on your behalf (calling out as your company) to form new connections and generate leads. Our people-first approach is integral to our success. After all, people still prefer to buy from people.

Our services fall into three core categories spanning the entire sales process, from initial research through to retention and growth of key accounts. VST will support you in:

1. Identifying opportunities. We can perform research, gather data and run outreach campaigns, freeing up in-house sales teams to pursue the best opportunities. It’s the efficient and cost-effective way to identify your optimum opportunities.

2. Qualifying need and We fully qualify your ideal prospects before making contact on your behalf. Our team builds lists of fully qualified warm and hot prospects , putting in the initial hard work to build new relationships. We can then set the appointments, allowing your in-house sales team to do what they do best: winning you new business.

3. Retaining your customers and growing your business. We know the value of existing accounts and forging ever-stronger relationships. We also know the importance of marketing, building your brand and meeting fluctuating customer demand. VST assists you across all these essential areas.

Ultimately, our role as your Virtual Sales Team is to help grow your company whilst reducing your need to hire additional head count. We can be an integral part of your success, carrying out research, fostering new relationships, and nurturing existing and revitalising dormant ones. Our work complements that of your in-house sales team, giving them everything they need to turn leads into conversions.

We’d love to hear from you and book in a free consultation. Call us on 0800 085 5574 or fill in our online form.