So what was your New Years resolution for 2017, and, 9 months in, have you stuck to it?

Was it the usual half-hearted promise that didn’t even last out the month of January, such as joining a gym or stopping eating chocolate? (2 such examples we may be very familiar with here at VST!) Or was it something altogether more important, such as wanting more family time?

Wanting to spend more time with oved ones is something the majority of us wish we could do – finding that important work/life balance is often very difficult and influenced by so many factors! Alli Webb, entrepreneur and fouur londer of Drybar, places family time above all else. When asked in Dec 2015 about her New Year’s Resolution, her reply was simple: to have more family time.

“The very first thing that popped into my head was to spend more time with my boys,” says Webb. “My older son Grant is almost 10, my youngest, Kit, is 7 — the last few years have been so crazy busy for me, and I don’t want to miss this magical time in my kids’ lives when they still actually want to hang out with their mum!”

Since then she has further gone on to say that 2017 would also be a year focused on her family; clearly the New Year resolutions she makes stick with her through the months ahead!

Juggling Family & Work Life

Are you in a similar situation? You may be struggling to juggle your existing career with your family life, or perhaps you’re looking to return to work after having children and are fearful that your work-life balance will become adversely affected. Whatever the case, VST may just offer the solution.

VST employees have the flexibility to create a work schedule around their home life. In July 2017 VST were commended as a Top Small Employer in the Working Families awards, competing against major brands such as SKY, JP Morgan, Grant Thornton and Lloyds Banking.

The annual awards recognise and celebrate the UK’s most flexible, supportive and progressive employers who recognise the importance and benefits of flexible working and work-life balance for their teams and in turn, their customers.

To find out more about our flexible working policies or working for us please contact Hannah on – 01604 609944 or email