When it comes to returning to the workplace after having a child, parents and carers face a number of challenging obstacles.

One of the biggest complications they face is undoubtedly affordable childcare. The cost of childcare leaves many parents with so little take home pay that working full time simply isn’t a viable option. Additionally, finding the “right” childcare provider is often a struggle, with many having long waiting lists, or can only offer term time care. Location is also important – do you really want to add a lot of additional time and mileage to your journey twice a day, and also it’s important that the childcare option you ultimately got for feels right for you and your family! Lots to take in and weigh up and does mean childcare is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the “Back to Work” journey!

Job role
Those who are returning to work in a part time position frequently struggle to find varied and interesting work and may take lower skilled roles that do not utilise the skills, experience or qualifications they acquired before they had children. The job role they had before may not even exist any longer, and then there’s the issue of finding work that allows flexibility around the school day and term time (if childcare during the school holidays is going to be a problem!)

Family Commitments
Family commitments such as the school run, after school clubs and other events such as assemblies, plays or weekend activities are important for both children and parents and a lot of parents feel that by returning to work they will miss out on important family time. A lot of roles require weekend work that can eat into the work/life balance and whilst this may be a requisite of the job, it can be a major factor that affects the decision for parents to return to work, especially if flexible working hours or locations are not an option!

VST Flexibility
The flexibility offered by VST provides a great opportunity for parents returning to work. It’s very rare to find the type of role we can offer; one that’s varied, utilises higher skill sets and fits in with school hours and family commitments – all attributes that have been recognised by Working Mum’s, who awarded Virtual Sales Team the Top Talent Attraction award.

One of our VST-ers commented:
“I didn’t think that you could have a career as a part time working mum. Unless you worked a 40 hour week, there was no opportunity for career progression. Having recently joined VST, it is such a refreshing change to feel like a valued member of the business, contributing to the success of the company, rather than feeling like a spare part. The flexible working hours are an added bonus, as I have 2 young children.”

Here at VST, we understand the importance of family life and recognise that the ability to work flexibly can help achieve a better work-life balance. This has benefits for both the company and our staff and this is why we allow you to tell us how many working hours would be perfect for you!

For more information about VST and how we can help you back into the workplace, please call us on 0800 085 5574