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As the saying goes…”a summer body is made in the winter”, so what does that have to do with sales?

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The point is this, it can take months or even years of really hard work and dedication to create the perfect beach body, you cannot start this one month before you go on holiday!

To get the best results, you’ll be tweaking your training routines, investing in new equipment or clothing, obtaining advice, managing an unexpected injury, examining your diet and sleep routines and so on…let’s face it, the work is never finished. However, as we all know, the more effort and commitment that goes in, the better the results will be when you’re finally on the beach – let’s just hope we can get more beach time next year!

The analogy is exactly the same when building your sales funnel/pipeline. You cannot just turn these things on a month before you need new clients to drop in, sales just doesn’t work like that. Once again, it takes months (and sometimes years) to really get your sales pipeline in tip-top condition which then allows the results to be realistic and predictable. Just like the intense exercise should now be taking place before we go on holiday next year, the hard work really needs to begin now to realise the fruits of your prospecting labour for next year.

Just as we are modifying our diet and training regimes, the professional sales team is tweaking their sales pitch, adjusting their prices, amending their marketing messages, and dare I say it…planning for the unexpected injury or in this case, your best salesperson leaving the business or the country being hit with another lockdown! I think you get the point.

The analogy continues actually, professional athletes all have coaches and support teams around them and those of you that are really serious about your fitness often have a Personal Trainer. So who do you have supporting your business or your sales team to keep your pipeline in its best possible condition whilst you or your sales team is diverted elsewhere?

The important message in all of this is as follows: You can’t cheat to get that ‘beach ready’ body you’ve always dreamed of and likewise you can’t cut corners to create a really high quality, high value and essentially, predictable pipeline that we all dream of too!

We’ve all had a really tough 2020 but now really is the time to put the hard work in to ensure not only are we looking the way we want to on the beach next year but always to ensure our time on the sunbed afterward is worry-free too.

I can’t promise you the body you’ve always dreamed of, that’s a little out of my control, but what I can promise you is a fantastic sales pipeline for 2021 if you start the hard work now.

If you need some help with this or a general chat around sales strategy, please do get in touch here: https://virtualsalesteam.co.uk/contact/ or connect with me here and mention you’ve read this: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewsmart/

Here’s to a magnificent 2021, Keep Fit, Keep Healthy, and for goodness sake – Keep in front of your prospects!

All the best for now – Andrew