Virtual Sales Team Ltd is an established B2B telemarketing business based in Northampton since 2007. We have been making a reputable name for ourselves in and around Northampton for our unique approach to telemarketing.

VST was founded by Andrew Smart, a Northamptonshire chap himself. Andrew wanted a different approach to his outsourcing business after spending more than 12 years as a BDM in one of the world’s largest Call Centre Outsourcers.

Andrew wasn’t keen on the typical large contact centre recruitment model of young, full-time callers who read from scripts and only stay for 18 months. Andrew felt that calls would be better received when made by mature, experienced part-time staff who took the time to get to know the client and their business and wanted a role to suit around their home commitments – i.e. people that were looking for a work life balance.

The idea of having predominantly part-time, back to work mums, or semi-retired professionals performing short bursts of high-value calls would provide for a more natural and superior call quality he reasoned. Hence, leading to a strong and long-lasting relationship with the client and better-quality appointments of course.

This strategy certainly paid off.

The business has won numerous awards for its excellent work-life balance emphasis such Top Employer Award by Working Mums for ‘Talent Attraction’, as well as a commendation in the Best Small Employer category at the Working Families Top Employers Awards.

This unique recruitment model also means that Virtual Sales Team can support our local community by providing employment to Northamptonshire individuals who don’t want to travel far especially when looking for flexible working. In fact, Virtual Sales Team can boast staff retention rates of an average of six years plus.

And for local Northampton businesses, they don’t have to look far to find a world-class B2B telemarketing business right at their doorstep which has been growing from strength to strength since 2007.

We offer a variety of services such as:

Not only has Virtual Sales Team become regionally recognised as one of the most innovative sales lead generation agencies in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties, but we’re also very well known throughout the UK for our ‘Quality First’ and ethical approach to doing business. Don’t just take our word for it read our testimonials and case studies and hear from our customers by clicking here.

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