Welcoming new clients is always a pleasure, and its particularly exciting when we form partnerships in new business sectors. We (Virtual Sales Team/ VST) currently work with clients from charities to facilities management and scientific through to events, and we’re proud to say that our portfolio is continually evolving and growing.

Recently, we started working with a large regional firm of solicitors. It’s the first time we’ve worked in the legal sector. The client wishes to generate new business sales leads for the professional services area of the business, our role is to call prospects and set appointments on their behalf.

Due to the confidential nature of the sector, external telemarketing, marketing or sales agencies aren’t typically used to deliver these kinds of campaigns as it has been considered inappropriate or too risky to outsource this type of activity. This makes the new partnership a unique proposition for both parties.

Andrew Smart, Managing Director believes that the opportunity to work in the sector is the result of VST’s unique approach to staffing and recruitment which creates such a professional approach to calling. He said:

It really is a compliment to be working in partnership with our high profile new client, traditionally it’s not usual territory for a lead generation or telemarketing business. In this instance, our experienced and more mature caller profile really counts. Unlike call centres we predominantly fill our teams with part-time staff, they’re often back to work mums and semi-retired people. The real difference is that our staff have the professionalism and life experience to represent a legal business, the same can’t be said for your usual call centre staff profile.”

The campaign is yielding strong results, with new appointments being set regularly and we’ll continue to deliver these. Ultimately, our focus is on building strong partnerships and delivering results for our clients – this covers all sectors.

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