Every green shoot needs nurturing

Jonnie Davis

If you imagine for a moment a new business lead as a seed for a flower.

That seed often takes months to germinate, take root, grow and then burst into flower. This doesn’t happen by magic (albeit nature really feels like magic) this is science at its very best. In simple terms, if the conditions are not absolutely ideal for that seedling (soil type, temperature, moisture and sunlight etc.) that flower will not grow or at best might begin to grow but never flower.

The interesting thing is, we can help nature with its magic by carefully nurturing these seeds, ensuring the environment we planted them in is as perfect as we can make it.

Well guess what, an enquiry into your business regardless of how it came to you is not a guarantee of business, it’s another seedling that needs maximum attention from us until it becomes a sale… or it flowers to use our analogy! Question: what is your nurture and qualification process like? Are you wildly scattering seeds and keeping your fingers crossed that they don’t get eaten by birds and hope to have enough rain for them to take root? Or, are you planting your seeds in a greenhouse where you are giving that flower the very best chance possible to bloom?

The big mistake that most people make is they think that their hard work is over when they win a new customer, quickly moving onto the next, wrong! The best businesses are the ones that can grow that client through careful attention and nurturing until it becomes part of your organisations DNA and touches all different parts of your business or services. To use our seedling analogy again. it’s like taking cuttings from that flower or plant to create more. Remember that phrase ‘it’s more cost-effective to grow what you have than to keep winning more’.

So, as the green shoots begin to appear again after this extremely difficult time, let’s ensure we all treat every new enquiry we receive and customer we have with the complete care, attention and precision management that they deserve.

I do hope your new business leads are beginning to return. Our enquiries are 5 times higher than the same period last year and new clients are signing up and existing customers are returning.

If you’d like to hear how we can help you Identify, Qualify, Retain and Grow your customer base, please click this link: https://virtualsalesteam.co.uk/contact-vst/. We are not only great hunters; we are fantastic farmers (and gardeners) too 😊

All the very best for now