We’re pleased to announce that we have launched a new web-based app, enabling our clients to give direct feedback on the service we’re providing. It’s the first of it’s kind for the telemarketing industry and part of our new generation of digital development and mission to provide the industry’s highest quality sales leads.

We work in partnership with our clients to book appointments and generate leads on their behalf. This frees the client’s senior sales people from making time-consuming cold calls, using their time more effectively – to close sales. When the sales person leaves the appointment our calling team booked for them, the new app offers a fast way to provide constructive feedback, removing the post-meeting admin element. The app also asks a short series of questions to assess the quality of each appointment.

The questions cover various areas, including – the revenue potential of the opportunity and what the next steps might be in the sales process. Each appointment is given a unique score. This is then sent directly to the sales person attending the meeting, the client and to the VST account managers.

Managing Director, Andrew Smart said:

“Our focus is on working in partnership with our clients, we know from experience that the traditional client-supplier working model doesn’t yield the best campaign results. When clients come on board with us we want to ensure that they achieve their campaign objectives and maximise the ROI. The new app is part of the partnership ethos, we’re confident and proud about the quality of our results but if something needs to be changed or tweaked we’re extremely open to that. It’s all part of the process to create the best possible results.

This new tool gives our clients the power to tell us exactly how the campaign is progressing as it’s happening, in turn our internal quality team and account managers analyse those results too. As a business we believe that open and honest businesses relationships work best, this app is a commitment to that.”

The app is currently being rolled-out to all of our clients. It’s being received extremely well and arrives at an exciting time, marking a major stage of growth and acceleration. Along with this launch, we have also unveiled our new website and moved to bigger premises. You can read more about our recent move – here.

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