Virtual Sales Team are passionate about creating a great working environment and team culture

We work hard, but we play hard also. We like our offices full of team spirit and open communication; this can only be achieved by encouraging a positive work culture and adopting ideas and practices to keep staff happy and communication channels open.
Here are our top areas of focus to ensure a positive work environment for all.


Engage your team and encourage open communication.

It’s important that people feel part of something, whether that’s a new project, office redevelopment or changes within the company structure. Share your vision and ensure your team know where you’re heading, and how you’re all going to contribute to getting there.

At Virtual Sales Team we hold what we call a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ three times a year, open to all employees, with the aim of communicating both future plans and also to review previous months results and objectives. We encourage staff to speak up about any issues they have faced and how we can work together to resolve them, not only for staff satisfaction but also to make sure we continue to meet our deadlines and objectives for our clients.

We also have a suggestion box onsite which is easily accessible; this means staff can raise any concerns anonymously if they prefer, as well as put forward any ideas they have for company progression.


Who are we?

In order to create the kind of company you want, you first should decide what this looks like. Consider what your employees might say when they discuss your business away from work; would they say you are a supportive and understanding employer, or talk about issues and difficulties that need to be addressed?

It’s also important to reflect on how the company has evolved since inception; has growth been supported correctly, are there areas that need work, do you feel the company is still on track from your original aims?

Understanding what type of culture you started with and want to create is the easy part; delivering that culture is your clear objective, maintaining it as you grow is your biggest challenge.



Recruit wisely

Knowing who you want to recruit is a big part of creating a positive culture. You may have your company vision in place, but only great people can help you take it to the next level. It’s extremely important to flesh out a clear job spec before recruiting, so you can base your final decision around a role and skillset you have already defined.

Here at VST, we have recently invested in an online ‘skills and behaviour based’ assessment tool which has been set up to identify not only our existing and most successful individuals, but also those that fit into our positive, family focused culture.

In sales, there is a fine line between being a great sales person that motivates his/her colleagues and to those that dominate too much, causing disruption and ill feeling amongst their colleagues.

It’s important to recognise those types, and recruit accordingly.


Recognition and reward

Acknowledging and rewarding good work is always appreciated and doing so motivates your employees. Human nature says we naturally respond better to praise than to silence or negative feeling, so even if there are issues to address, it’s also important to highlight good work at the same time. A culture where employees feel undervalued breeds discontent.

VST is a great believer in rewarding success, but we base our incentives on our clients’ success, not our own, to protect the quality of the leads we generate for them. Keeping incentives fresh and creative is also key to ensuring reward schemes do not become stale.


Create team spirit

It’s important that team members have the opportunity to socialise together outside of working hours, as this cements relations in a totally different way to being in the workplace. We hold regular events for staff and their families, and we also have a great Christmas party every year, which is paid for by the company. Also, we arrange evenings out and events through the year to ensure that a great team spirit and culture is built and maintained.

If you would like to be part of our culture, visit our career page. We’re always on the lookout for talented new team members.