With a large selection of advanced list and data management services, Virtual Sales Team are here to find markets and set appointments for you.

Our team can also profile your database, qualifying companies to ensure they match your profile of an ideal target prospect. For more information, a free data count and a sample of your ideal prospect database.

LinkedIn Outreach

Market Research

Business data decays at a rate of 35% per year

Data Cleansing and Building

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Identifying the correct decision maker for your product or service is a key function of successful lead generation and appointment setting.  Building an ideal client profile with cleaned, purchased or list research saves wasted calling time.  At Virtual Sales Team we employ mature callers who understand the need for accurate and valuable data and track the source to ensure consistent measurement.

We blend technology and talented salespeople to generate high-value sales leads to fuel your ambitions.

Benefit from our advanced research and analytics to find and profile the right buyers for your products and services.

Established processes and an intelligent approach ensures you have the ideal partner for your lead generation and appointment setting campaign.  We look forward to introducing you to your next customer.