In the age of digital marketing where customers can be contacted via so many different channels, it can be easy to think cold calling is no longer an effective technique.  

In fact, ‘cold’ calling still has a place in your sales and marketing strategy. But it needs to be carried out in the right way, with a clear plan, in collaboration with the right sales team. Learn more about cold calling and how it can revive your sales strategy – as long as you’re prepared to put in some time and find the right approach for your business.  

How to Give Your Cold Calling Strategy a New Lease of Life

1.Make sure you choose the best call handlers. Many call centres hire young, inexperienced handlers who lack conversation skills and training. We find that we get the best success rates by using more mature people with experience and people skills – the average age of our call handlers is 44. Many are back-to-work mums who are empathetic and friendly by nature. This approach wins people over and turns cold leads warm far faster.

2. Lose the script. Cold calling is your opportunity to connect with a prospect, increase brand awareness and create the best first impression possible. Using a script makes it much harder to strike up a natural conversation so you can lose your listener before having the chance to make an impression. The best approach is to find someone who knows your business well without needing a script to prompt them; if they’re friendly, warm and engaging, even better.

3. Focus on the figures. At the same time, choose your success metrics carefully. Too many businesses choose volume over quality. When you’re dial rate led, you lose focus on the importance of the outcome. If you want cold calling to be a living, breathing part of your strategy, make sure you partner with an agency that will take the time to achieve the outcomes your business needs. ROI or Opportunity Value are better indicators than dial rates for example.

4. Integrate telesales with other marketing techniques. There are many ways to engage with your target audience via websites, email, social media and more. A well-structured campaign should cover various touchpoints to draw in your ideal customers, ensuring they know exactly who you are and what you can do for them. LinkedIn outreach is often highly effective as a lead generation tactic – when paired with follow-up and introductory calls, you have many opportunities to connect with your customer base.  

So, Is There Still A Place For Cold Calls?

What if cold calling isn’t carried out in this way? Then the truth is, it may as well be dead. But that’s not because it’s outdated, old fashioned or isn’t able to drive results – it’s because you haven’t given it a proper chance or are going about it in the wrong way.  

We can be the right team to hone your cold calling strategy, placing targeted calls, script free, that help you expand the reach of your business. We know a thing or two about doing this properly as we’ve being cold calling since 2007. Talk to us about cold calling strategies to warm up your leads – call 0800 085 5574 or send us a message.