“Return on Investment (ROI) should be a staple metric of all business activity.”


What is ROI? 

ROI is a way of measuring overall performance and evaluating the profitability of an investment. The figure is achieved through directly tying the return of a particular investment back to its relative cost. For example, if a campaign is giving you 90% ROI, for every £1 you put in, £1.90 is returned.

We believe a campaigns performance should always be measured against ROI, to achieve a true reflection of how efficient your efforts are. If a campaigns performance isn’t measured against such metrics, is its performance truly being measured?

How to calculate ROI

Simply subtract the ‘cost of investment’ from the ‘total profit’. Then dividing that sum by the ‘cost of investment’ you can then achieve an ROI %.

From this sum you can then work out the return for every £ spent. By taking £1 and increasing it by the ROI percentage.

Are you (and your agency) utilising ROI?

Here are a few questions to think about, and questions you should be asking of your agency partners if you aren’t already;

  • How much time, money and effort does it take to build an internal sales team?
  • How much effort does it take to manage that team?
  • How much does each lead generated cost you?
  • How much does it cost to acquire each new customer?
  • If you outsource your lead generation, for every £1 you spend, what do you get back?
  • Do you know the ROI internally?
  • Does your agency partner review the ROI of your campaign every week, every month, every quarter or never at all?
  • How well do you know these numbers?
  • How much effort will it take to find the answers?

So, how great would it be to have a real-time dashboard in your CRM that displays your realistic funnel in detail and shows your true ROI? That’s what you should be aiming for.

We love to discuss ROI with our clients and how many of their new clients came from us. It’s not often about the volume of leads its about how much business you’ve actually won. 

So let’s talk ROI – contact us here or give us a call on 0800 085 5574.