Gone are the days when a boss would hand out the Yellow Pages and bark at his staff to “bang out some calls”…well they’re hopefully gone anyway!

Once upon a time it was the norm for an employee to contact a prospect with very little information about (a) their own organisation and/or (b) the product/service they were marketing. Their aim was to make as many appointments as quickly as possible – anything to keep their sales figures high and the boss happy. It was the quantity of appointments that mattered, not the quality.

Although the Yellow Pages may not be the marketing force it once was, for many companies, the mentality behind this strategy still remains, although some will now have a dedicated telemarketing force rather than anything with a spare 5 mins at their desk. Appointment setting is frequently still very much a numbers game with little thought put into the value of the appointments and the losses incurred by wasted resource and meetings.

At Virtual Sales Team we think differently; we’ve changed the game! We firmly believe that Quality is King and because of this we take the process of appointment setting very seriously. We guarantee that every prospect you meet will match your exact requirements and, importantly, your prospects will be unaware that you have outsourced this activity. We want to be an extension of your company rather than a third party and will ensure our telemarketing team are fully trained on everything your company offers – that includes us visiting your site to learn your processes and how things work before we pick up the phone.

VST’s appointment setting team employ the following rigorous processes:

  • Pre-campaign training
  • Pre-sales appointment briefing process
  • Post sales appointment feedback
  • Daily dedicated account management
  • Weekly campaign feedback process

These processes build a highly effective and productive working relationship between the sales teams in your company and the VST appointment setters – the crucial partnership approach. Because of this, our telemarketers work by the VST ethos ‘Quality, not Quantity, is King’, at all times!

For more information about how VST’s appointment setters could help your company simply call us on 0800 085 5574 to discuss your requirements.