There’s no denying that recruiting the right people, in any role, is a tricky business. You only have a short interview time to make a decision about someone. However, it is obviously important to try to recruit the best people for the job; here’s a little tongue-in-cheek look on what to look out for.

The candidate who rambles on and on and on and…

Listening skills are key in appointment setting. No listening skills equals alarm bells. So, if you’re faced with someone who can only listen to the sound of their own voice, they’re probably not the right person for the job – especially in a role where they will have to talk to prospective clients and existing customers.

The candidate who was 10 minutes late.

If someone turns up late, it should be seen as a potential risk for the future. Unless the candidate had a blow out on the motorway or something equally unexpected and unavoidable, there is no excuse for lateness.

The candidate who has had 3+ jobs in the last year

There are of course reasonable exceptions, but job hopping is seldom a good thing! You’re really on the look out for individuals who’ve had a pattern of longevity on their CV and will provide stability as an employee, no matter the level they’re starting at.

The candidate who complains about their current employer

It’s unacceptable when a candidate complains or discredits their ex or current employer. Only one thing goes through your mind, how long before they start complaining about me? In this modern, socially powered world, the last thing you need is an ex-employee broadcasting stories about you as an employer, so it may be best to avoid the candidate.

The candidate with attitude

There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. No one wants a team member who’s going to rock the boat by upsetting the team with his or her arrogance. Team morale is extremely important to success.

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