One thing we did during the pandemic was to revert to our old name. We changed it a couple of years ago to VST as that’s what people often refer to us as:

VST Logo

But during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, ‘virtual sales’ was one of the main search terms people were looking for or were discussing. They were searching for an outsource sales team, or a virtual sales team. So, we reverted back to Virtual Sales Team – the old name and logo:

Virtual Sales Team LogoAnd kept some bits of our new identity. You can see from our logo, that this is what we are about, our purpose – we Identify, Qualify, Retain and Grow prospects for our customers. Interestingly, I named the business Virtual Sales Team back in 2007 as I was trying to describe what we were hoping to become for our customers and sure enough this term is now used in everyday conversation when companies describe what they’re looking for!

So, why did we do this? Essentially because people still buy from people and Virtual Sales Team still describes exactly what we do – we are your virtual sales team. You can only do so much with Digital Marketing, so what we do now is blend good salespeople with the right digital technology to create a nice, blended solution which we, Virtual Sales Team, sit in the middle of.

You’ve got to have the process to go with it. You can’t just fire out content, and you can’t just create lots of leads for inbound marketing because you’re creating a problem for your customer to deal with all these leads. So, what we are saying to our customers are – ‘Yes carry on doing your digital marketing, allow us to help you with that, but also allow us to take the leads for you and help you qualify them’. This is what our logo exemplifies.

  • Andrew Smart, Managing Director Virtual Sales Team