Leave your sales teams to
do what they do best, talking face to face with prospects, let us do appointment setting for you.

We recognise that your sales team’s time is a valuable resource that needs to be focused on closing sales and generating revenue not making thousands of cold calls.

Highly Experienced Appointment Setting Experts

Our highly experienced appointment setting team will identify and qualify sales meetings with the key decision-makers of the companies you want to do business with. Building a continuous sales pipeline, ensuring diaries are always active. Supporting you to achieve your sales targets.

Here at VST we know there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Certainly not for your sales team to research, investigate or explore new prospects, and then make numerous calls to reach out to them.

With current uncertain times, it’s even harder now to get through to your target audience as competition increases, and industry dynamics change every so often.

So leave that all with us. We’ll do the legwork to get your sales person’s foot through that all important client’s door (or a fully qualified zoom meeting or diarised phone call scheduled with them).

So Why Virtual Sales Team?

Our Appointment Setters are a group of highly experienced individuals who have themselves been in similar industries you are targeting.  We will match an appointment setter based on their work experience to your particular type of business.

They will use their years of expertise to carefully study your business; speak to you about your motivations, identify key industries and decision makers, and come up with a customised plan specifically for your needs. They can do this via the phone, Zoom call or even in person if you prefer.

A Rigorous Process is what our appointment team employs to ensure we develop a targeted approach to identify and qualify sales meetings, whilst building a continuous sales pipeline and ensuring busy diaries for you always.

Along the way we will cultivate a meaningful and productive relationship between your sales team and us, your appointment setters. Our processes will include the following but is not restricted to the below:

  • Pre-campaign training
  • Pre-sales appointment briefing process
  • Post sales appointment feedback
  • Daily dedicated account management
  • Weekly campaign feedback process

A Flexible Approach is used when speaking to your prospects – we do not follow a script, preferring to go with the flow and keeping the conversation natural. This helps break down any cautious walls which your prospects might put up, paving the way to an easier and more open conversation to be had when your sales team speak to them.

Fantastic Staff Retention Rates in our Appointment Setting team has ensured a dedicated team. We make sure their knowhow is made best use of, giving them job satisfaction which in turn motivates them to do their utmost for you, our clients.

Need more reasons to go with us?

Our Results speak for themselves. With numerous awards under our belt and strong relationships maintained with businesses in various industries such as manufacturing, engineering and law, we are known for companies being with us for at least five years and more. We can in fact boast of having industry leading retention rates.

Quality over Quantity is something we pride ourselves about. We take the time to get to know you and your business. At the end of the day, we’d like to maintain a relationship with you, build a continuous sales pipeline for you, keep those appointments coming and help you to achieve your sales targets.

VST Appointment Setting

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