We offer Cold Calling Services, but not as you might know them. With cold calling, our focus is on finding a connection, meeting a need and getting you a foot in the door with a prospective new customer. For us, it’s important to be outcome led, not dial rate led.  

Cold calling only works when you can turn a lead warm, which is always our aim when contacting a potential customer. We have higher success rates and make more meaningful connections because: 

  • We fully research our prospects before we attempt to engage with the decision-maker 
  • We don’t use scripts and keep the conversation natural 
  • We invest in the training of our sales team  
  • Our callers are experienced, friendly and have excellent people skills 
  • The team gets to know your business so we can sell the benefits successfully  

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Our Callers

With a service like cold calling, getting people on side is essential. Our calls feel natural, not invasive, and it’s all because of our experienced, warm and friendly team of callers. The average age of our team is 44 which is almost double the usual age of call centre workers – we choose people with life experience and people skills who can hold an engaging conversation. We employ many back-to-work mums as our call handlers and our people set our business apart.  

Our callers are:  

  • Friendly and engaging 
  • Natural conversationalists 
  • Skilled in lead generation 
  • Highly trained 
  • Warm, approachable and empathetic 

How Can Cold Calling Benefit You? 

Cold calling reaches a broad audience and gets the conversation started with a range of potential prospects. Unlike direct mail or advertising, there is the opportunity to establish a human connection and communicate your unique selling points (USPs), drawing in the person on the other end of the phone.  

We know that cold calling doesn’t have the best reputation. We approach it differently to avoid the pitfalls and generate warm leads through personalised, natural conversation. Cold calling can work for you when handled by an experienced agency like us.  

Why Choose Us for Cold Calling? 

Cold calling isn’t about dialling as many customers as possible. It’s about identifying the right prospects, qualifying demand, generating leads and putting you in front of your next customer. We are a boutique agency focused on high quality, agile, bespoke services that equate to deeper engagement with your prospective customers. We can be more nimble and flexible in our approach, making contact with your prospects in the way that makes sense for your business.  

We promise:  

  • Professionalism. We have more than 15 years’ B2B experience and we’re an award-winning agency. 
  • Continuity. Our average staff retention rate is six years, more than triple the usual industry rate.  
  • Expertise. We’re focused on positive customer outcomes and use a carefully devised methodology. 
  • Accountability. From the top down, our culture of accountability ensures we do what’s best for our clients. 
  • Results. Our fresh take on cold calling using more mature, experienced individuals turns leads warm for you. 

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help put you in front of your next customer. Call 0800 085 5574 or fill in our online form. 

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Cold Calling FAQs

What does cold calling mean?

Cold calling is the process of contacting new business prospects who have had no previous interactions with a business. It is a form of telemarketing and is widely used in sales. Cold calling data is usually built and compiled by sales teams, allowing them to target specific prospects that fit a profile of the desired customer.

What is cold calling in sales?

Cold calling is a sales practice where a salesperson calls a brand new prospect to try and establish a dialogue, set up a meeting or make a sale. Cold calling informs prospects about new products and services relevant to them. 

The best form of cold calling is where the data has been profiled enough to fit a certain criteria but also where the contact has already been made aware of the company before a call has been made. I.e. the cold prospect has been warmed up. 

What is the difference between cold calling and warm calling?

Cold calling means calling someone who has not previously been in touch with a particular business – they may not even have heard of the business. Warm calling means following up on a lead or continuing a previous conversation with a prospect or the call has been made to follow up an inbound enquiry through a website for example. 

Does cold calling actually work?

Cold calling can be effective but only when carried out in the right way. Choosing experienced salespeople who are not pushy, and establishing a natural conversation without using a script, are two key ways to improve the effectiveness of cold calling. 

Only reaching out to a well targeted prospect is essential, no one responds well to a cold call that is not relevant to them. Quality data and thorough training are key to a successful calling campaign.