Generating leads for over 10 years

Virtual Sales Team has been generating leads and meetings with end users for over nine years and we also help vendors recruit new partners to their channel.

If you are vendor or manufacturer of a product or service that utilises partners to sell through their channel (an indirect channel) you are likely to have tried lead generation or at least thought about this as an option.

Our approach is unique, unlike our competitors, our part-time, mature caller model offers professionalism. The average age of a VST caller is closer to forty than twenty. Our callers are experienced, because of this we don’t need scripts or sound repetitive or burnt out when making high volumes of calls. Abandoning scripts means we’re also able to be more personable and really understand the prospect’s business strategy. More natural conversation ensures that what we’re promoting is appropriate and timely, resulting in only high-quality appointments set. Channel Management is an industry in itself and we specialise in this segment.

We believe VST’s approach is not only industry leading but also industry changing as we now have long contracts with some of the U.K.’s and worlds leading brands selling through the channel.

VST Lead Generation

How can indirect lead generation help a business?

When a business sells through indirect channels, leads are needed to locate new partners and find potential business opportunities. Vendors and manufacturers can identify routes to market via new channels and establish relationships with relevant partners who can assist them. 

What is channel management? 

Channel management is about proactively managing sales channels for products and services. A key part of this process involves identifying new sales channels that could be a good fit. Potential new partners can then be contacted during the lead generation process. 

How does indirect lead generation work? 

Indirect lead generation can be a very effective part of channel management. It is a way to find new opportunities to sell products and services via a partner-owned channel by contacting relevant parties, which can be the start of a successful long-term relationship. 

How can we help you with indirect lead generation?

We reach out to potential new partners and help you source new sales channels for your products or services. With our help, you can grow your business successfully and leave the leg work to us. We have over ten years of experience with large vendors across their indirect channels so understand all the challenges of working with partners of all shapes, sizes and locations. We also understand how MDF’s (marketing development funds) work, as well as deal registration, so please feel free to discuss this with our team of experts.

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