LinkedIn Outreach – a new Virtual Sales Team service

We blend talented people and technology to generate high-quality appointments for our clients, LinkedIn offers a worldwide opportunity to be introduced to your next customer.

Grow your network, deliver your offer directly to your ideal client whilst growing awareness of your organisation.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where people find jobs, connect with like-minded people, and gain insights from workplaces around the world.  With over 675m users in 30m businesses, LinkedIn presents a great resource to connect with potential buyers.

Virtual Sales Team LinkedIn outreach blends talented people and technology to present an authentically genuine laser-targeted approach to engaging potential buyers for your product or service.

Using the minimal levels of automation, your campaign team blend Linkedin Outreach to warm up sales prospect and quickly identify those who see value in what you do. Carefully crafted campaigns that often include market research to better understand needs and deliver valuable insight into ever-changing markets.

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What is LinkedIn outreach?

LinkedIn outreach builds your network and brand awareness on LinkedIn. The process involves reaching out to potential prospects and existing connections using relevant, targeted messaging to educate them around your industry and business and what it is that you can offer. The ultimate aim is to source new, relevant, leads with high conversion potential.

At Virtual Sales Team we also use LinkedIn Outreach as a Market Research tool to ask customers and prospect’s their opinions. This is a softer and more subtle way of introducing yourself whilst understanding your targets needs and challenges. 

How can you improve your outreach on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn outreach is a process that relies on the correct messaging to be successful. To improve success rates, you will need to take the time to hone your messaging and identify your ideal prospects on the platform. Working with an agency like VST can help you improve on your success metrics as we do this on a daily basis. Top tip: the more personalised the message is to the target, the more likely it is to be opened and a successful dialogue will begin.  

What are the benefits of LinkedIn outreach?

LinkedIn outreach gives you access to many different businesses, with the opportunity to perform market research as well as making contact all on the same platform. There are more than 57 million businesses on LinkedIn so the brand awareness and lead generation opportunities are significant. 

Use Linkedin Outreach thoughtfully as you do not want to gain the reputation of spamming inappropriate targets with irrelevant messages. 

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