Convert your customer’s thoughts and opinions

Our market research professionals offer quantitive and qualitative research solutions that are tailored to your business needs. We’ll work closely with you to convert your customer’s thoughts and opinions into actions.

We’re sure you agree, the more we know about our customers and prospects the better. If we don’t understand their needs and wants, how can we serve them?

The truth is that we can’t. To make assumptions about our customers and prospects or operate on guesswork is a risky strategy. In reality, only if we ask a question will we receive answers. This is where market research surveys and customer satisfaction campaigns can prove a vital marketing tool, allowing you to make educated business decisions and create better results.   

The role of Social Media in Market Research

In today’s digital and social media-driven world there are many ways to ask questions and receive feedback from our customers and prospective customers. Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook are a quick and easy platform for our customers to give us feedback on their experiences with services and products. This might be in the form of an ad hoc tweet or post directly to the company Facebook page or via a poll a business can run for answers to specific questions.

Undoubtedly, social media is a good tool for finding out more about our customers’ needs, wants and opinions. What it fails to do is actually tell us why the customer has this opinion, it really only gives us a small insight, providing the what but not the why.

In comparison, market research conducted over the telephone provides depth and gives us the opportunity to see the full picture. We see market research as adding context, detail and value to the various forms of feedback you may already be receiving.

We offer a range of fully bespoke qualitative market research programmes where we will create, conduct and interpret the research, providing detailed but easily understood analysis of the results. Our aim is to work in partnership with you to convert your customers thoughts and opinions into actions.

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VST Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What can I learn from market research and customer satisfaction surveys?

  • Understand your customers and prospects needs and wants
  • Get a better understanding of your brand/product/service perception
  • Identify your brand ambassadors
  • Identify areas needing attention or improvement
  • Understand what potential customers need from your brand/product/service
  • See how your competitors are performing

How is the market research/project done?

Whether you have a clear vision of the questions you want to ask and information you need or if you’re just starting to consider it, our market research specialists will support you through the entire process. We’ll work with you to set market research goals, from here we’ll decide on the appropriate methodology to suit your needs. When we’re ready to begin, all interviews will be carried out using market research industry software by SNAP Surveys. 

Why choose VST to conduct your market research?

  • VST callers are experienced and mature business people. They have the skills to hold intelligent conversations and build rapport without the need for scripts.
  • As well as maintaining a highly professional point of contact at all times, our callers are eloquent, numerate and understand the importance of using correct grammar
  • VST callers have the autonomy to conduct your campaign in their own business development style. This creates a personal commitment to success.
  • Work-life balance is embedded in VST’s culture. Happy callers produce superior results
  • Callers are carefully selected to compliment your business style. Our flexible recruitment model attracts a diverse mixture of people from a variety of backgrounds, meaning we can match your needs with the best-suited people

What is the definition of market research?

Market research is a process that involves communicating directly with customers and prospects to gain insights into a business’ products and services. It provides direct feedback to the business and can be used when developing new products, or to improve existing products and services for consumers.

What are the different types of market research?

The two main types of market research are quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative market research uses surveys, polls and questionnaires to ask specific questions. Qualitative market research uses focus groups and interviews to ask broader questions and find out what drives certain consumer behaviours. 

Quantitative market research can be also known as scoring or weighing, identifying and reviewing business value and other metrics. 

What should go into a market research results report?

Market research reports can differ, but in general it is a good idea to mention research methods, key findings and recommendations based on the data collected. Some businesses for example, include a SWOT analysis based on the results obtained which details strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as identified by their research.

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