Managing sales order processing through periods of fluctuating demand can pose significant challenges for business owners.

Not anymore – take advantage of our sales order processing service, allowing an efficient, agile response.

Processing Sales Orders Efficiently and Cost Effectively

Many businesses experience natural peaks and troughs throughout the year. You may also need more support with sales orders during a campaign, or ahead of a specific event. We know just how difficult it is to resource a direct sales team, which is why we can support you with our flexible and professional approach.

We act as an extension of your in-house team, so we directly represent you. This helps to build positive associations with your brand, leaves customers with a good impression, and begins to generate brand loyalty. When we work on your behalf, we make use of cloud-based technology, giving you the flexibility and complete visibility, you’ve been looking for.

We take note of any internal processes you have when dealing with customers and raising sales orders, so operations and finance teams will also have everything they need. Our services help you in customer-facing scenarios while supporting your internal admin and order fulfilment processes as well.

Please get in touch and book a free consultation to discuss sales order processing and the ways we can support your business. We work flexibly to accommodate you with fluctuating demand, while working to help you hit and exceed sales targets. Call us on 0800 085 5574 or fill in our online form.

Our database sourcing service creates prospects lists and builds a database based on your specific requirements.

How Do We Support You with Sales Order Processing?

We offer tailored, flexible support to your business when you need it the most. Our role is to ensure the sales order process is not just functional, but an opportunity to enhance your brand. We’re commercially aware and will work to help you exceed your sales targets and activity KPI’s.

Our current clients choose us to help in various ways. The support we can offer includes:

  • Selling a specific product or service ahead of an event (we support one particular client in selling hospitality options in the lead-up to their event)
  • Providing overflow support when order lines reach their maximum capacity
  • Supporting with seasonal sales order processing when demand fluctuates – we understand that it would be unsustainable to resource an in-house team
  • We cover maternity leave
  • We manage your smaller customers on a permanent basis so you can concentrate on the larger ones

Virtual Sales Team is here to support you with sales order processing in any way you need. We are led by your business’ needs and the support you require, on your terms and your timescale. Take a look at our packages and learn more about what we can offer you.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together

Sales order processing is just one of the services we offer to help you enhance the customer experience, deal with demand, and encourage brand loyalty. Let us help you grow your business further with:

Sales Order Processing FAQs

What is sales order processing?

Sales order processing is the process of fulfilling customer orders. There may be a number of processes involved, including order creation, stock allocation, despatch, invoicing and shipping. Parts of the process may need to be completed manually while other parts can be more automated. 

How can you improve sales order processing? 

Eliminating paper processes and manual tasks can improve sales order processing, making it more efficient. However, it depends on your processes and products. Sometimes, having a larger number of people working to process orders will make the most tangible difference and allow more orders to be fulfilled. 

When do businesses need additional support with sales order processing?

Businesses might need additional support with sales order processing at particular times of the year if their stock is seasonal. This can usually be preempted and additional direct sales support can be provided. Businesses may also need more support with sales order processing when running campaigns.

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