It’s much easier to keep an existing customer
than to win a new one…


Existing customers can generate more revenue for your business too, so it’s crucial to keep in regular contact with your customers of all sizes (and spend) to ensure selling opportunities aren’t missed.

If yours is like most businesses, 80% of sales come from 20% of your customers (Pareto’s law).

Your directors or senior sales execs are likely to look after these critical clients whilst your business development managers (BDM’s) will probably look after the middle tier. The issue with this typical model is that your transactional or low spending customers (which can yield good margins) are often overlooked until you realise they’ve left you or are just about to.

VST will act as your retention & sales team and can call the bottom 20-30% of your client base who are probably too small to warrant a regular face-to-face meeting. In our experience, sometimes these clients aren’t even regularly called.

At a lower cost than your in-house resources, we will ensure that this crucial set of customers still feel valued. In doing so, our sales team will also improve your customer loyalty whilst increasing revenues by identifying new business opportunities such as cross-selling or contract renewals. Given the opportunity to look after your lower spending customers we will grow this group by several percentage within 12 months, all we ask for is a six-month commitment to show you what we can do.

Investing in our services and employing us as part of your sales team means you gain significant growth on the bottom line, without having to increase your head count.

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