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Existing customers can generate more revenue for your business too, so it’s crucial to keep in regular contact with your customers of all sizes (and spend) to ensure selling opportunities aren’t missed.

If yours is like most businesses, 80% of sales come from 20% of your customers (Pareto’s law).

According to Pareto’s Law, 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

If this is the case for your business, you’re not alone – but what about your smaller customers? If you start losing them, your business starts declining when it should in fact be growing. And it’s much cheaper to keep a customer than to gain a new one. Our Telephone Account Management service could be the answer.

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How Does Telephone Account Management Work?

Our Telephone Account Management services are designed to look after your smaller clients where it’s proving too expensive to maintain them.  These clients should be looked after by an internal account management team to ensure these clients feel important.

At the same time, it’s still important to prevent these customers looking elsewhere and going to a competitor.

In our experience, many of these customers are rarely called. Our account management services are designed to complement the activity of your existing sales team. This leaves your directors and senior sales executives free to look after your larger and strategic customers, and your business development managers available for middle growth customers.

Ultimately, our Telephone Account Management service means that you don’t lose customers, but look after them in a cost-effective manner with our help.

Why Is Telephone Account Management Important?

Telephone Account Management is important because:

  • Customers need to feel valued
  • Customer loyalty needs to be maintained
  • Regular contact prevents customers going to competitors
  • There are opportunities for cross selling/up selling and securing contract renewals
  • Significant cost savings can be made on face-to-face meetings
  • Your in-house sales team will be free to look after your largest customers

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Why Choose Us For Telephone Account Management?

We form partnerships with our clients, acting as a remote extension of their sales teams to achieve the best results possible. We take our lead from you, managing accounts effectively and proactively in partnership with your business.

Choose us because:

  • Our team doesn’t use scripts, keeping conversations natural
  • You’ll be free to focus on your business and your critical customers
  • We’ve won numerous awards and have a proven track record in helping businesses grow
  • We give you the opportunity to grow your bottom line without increasing headcount

All we ask for is a three to six-month commitment. In this time, we can prove to you that out sourcing your telephone account management is not only cost-effective, but drives a return on cost of investment.

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Keep Customers Happy And Grow Your Business

Telephone Account Management is just one part of what we can do to help you retain customers and leave them happy. Let us help you grow further with:

Telephone Account Management FAQs

What does telephone account management involve?

Telephone account management involves making regular calls to existing customers, ensuring they feel valued. This gives businesses an opportunity to address any concerns to prevent customers looking elsewhere; it’s also an opportunity to cross sell and up sell to a happy, engaged audience. A telephone account management call can also be a valuable way of finding out if your customer base has an appetite for any new products or services you may be looking to launch or even for market research or customer satisfaction surveys.  

Why is telephone account management beneficial?

Contacting your current customers regularly helps to maintain brand loyalty. Telephone account managers can have productive conversations, assessing customers’ needs to ensure they are still being met. Many smaller customers are never contacted – it’s important to stay in touch with them to prevent revenue decline.

What are the methods of account management?

  • Telephone account management
  • Meeting customers in person
  • Emailing and writing to customers

Telephone account management is one of the most effective methods, allowing you to have instant and productive conversations with customers without time-consuming in-person meetings or drawn out email conversations.

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