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B2B Lead Generation Campaign

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B2B Marketing Database

Targeted data drives all lead generation campaigns. Virtual Sales Team provide highly targeted data cleansing and building with high accuracy. When we cleanse your existing data or provide new data matching your requirements and criteria it is with the end result in mind.

Identifying The Need

Before our outbound B2B telemarketers pick up the phone on your behalf we profile the identified decision-makers or key influencers. Then understand their pain points and how and why your business, product or services address these issues.  The Virtual Sales Team “Know your customer workshops” provide an ideal structure to ensure our callers understand your business offering and who will value it.

Preparing The Pitch

Although we are an outbound lead generation company, we do not use scripts. Because scripts sound scripted and lack personal engagement. The focus is on having intelligent, professional conversations that are natural, relevant, and reactive to the prospect’s need and the problem that is being solved.

Agreeing Criteria

Before the lead generation campaign starts, we work with you to agree on the ‘Lead Qualification Criteria’. This helps ensure that we only generate sales leads & appointments that meet your specific requirements.  These criteria can range from basic prospect information being gathered such as demographics. But often include the prospect’s business profile compared to your ideal client and qualification criteria such as current suppliers, budget, need and timescale.

Getting on The Phone

Consistent monitoring of performance through our well respected and rigorous quality control process is crucial to a successful campaign. Client campaign coordinators are responsible for the quality and improvement of their assigned campaigns. They keep in constant contact with you to ensure quality is being maintained and any issues are quickly addressed. Reports are provided with all statistics associated with the campaign.  This ensures continuous improvement through a clear feedback process.

Increase Your Sales

If this sounds of interest, get in touch today to explore how we can help you increase your sales and act as your complete outsourced B2B Lead Generation partner. Join our valued clients who receive more quality B2B sales leads and achieve more sales!