Telemarketing in the UK, how to remain compliant.

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Telemarketing, how to remain compliant.

Telemarketing in the UK is a great way to reach your ideal prospects and create a relationship with your brand, so prospects and callers can interact in a meaningful and genuine two-way conversation that no other lead generation strategy can achieve.

As with most things though, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed. These are monitored and enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Quick Note: This article does not provide accurate legal advice but is intended as a guide to help you understand what you can and can’t do –  always seek qualified legal assistance or contact the ICO directly if you have any concerns.

Do not call Telephone Preference Service (TPS) registered numbers

This is probably the biggest “No-No” and also potentially the easiest to avoid as you can buy the latest and up-to-date TPS data directly from the TPS website.

All telemarketing agencies will have a process whereby they cross-check the latest TPS data against the data sources they are dialing to ensure this is managed – usually called a blacklist.

Do not call people who have asked you not to

Essentially, anyone who is called and told you not to call them again has “opted out”. These names and numbers need to be added to your blacklist or do not call list.

Always say who you are

Any caller must say who they are and who they are calling from. Should the recipient ask for further information, this must be provided. For example. a contact address and phone number, or even the agency you are calling from if you are calling on behalf of a client.

Automated calls

If you use automated calls then be aware that restrictions around them are much tighter. A simple opt-in to receive live calls alone is not sufficient and the lead must have opted in to receive automated calls in addition to live calls.

Businesses you can call

You may call any business as part of a Telemarketing campaign in the UK, so long as they are not registered on the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). All business activity must be checked against this and blacklisted in the same way consumer data is from the TPS. Also, any business that requests not to be called again should be blacklisted to avoid further calls.

Who you can call

Call anyone who is not registered on the TPS or CTPS, and has not objected to being called.

You may call those registered on the TPS or CTPS if they have opted in to receive calls from you. For example, if they have requested further information via your website or other marketing material.

But we use marketing lists…

Again, this not illegal but you should check data against the most up-to-date lists from the TPS and CTPS to ensure that you are not illegally contacting anyone.

Further information

We recommend you access the wealth of great information available from the ICO and TPS websites to learn more about telemarketing in the UK. Please find the links listed below). If you have any questions about our practices, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help you.

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