When was the last time you looked really closely at your customer data?

More than likely it wasn’t recently enough. !f you do not undertake any data cleansing, during a 12 month period over one third of your database will be out of date. Often a time-consuming task, data cleansing is vital as competitive targeted marketing requires an accurate and well profiled database to ensure the success of your campaign.

Business data decays at a rate of 35% per year

It might be companies that have moved, merged or folded or simply the decision maker contact (dmc) has moved roles or left the company. As well as suppressing invalid data, we can also enhance your existing files by populating new fields to provide you with a more complete profile of your customers or prospects.

Data cleansing enhances your company’s database by identifying changes in contact details such as staff name, unmarketable addresses, duplicates and goneaways, as well as appending missing information like telephone numbers, email addresses and business codes.

In the world of marketing, it is essential your message reaches the right people to ensure the best ROI otherwise your efforts will unfortunately be in vain. In the current climate, where budgets are restricted and competition amongst rival companies is fierce, it is important to get your message to the right people first time.

VST Database Sourcing

Good data quality is a vital aspect in achieving effective marketing.

It is essential when delivering any kind of marketing campaign that the database you use is regularly cleansed as you may well be surprised at the speed in which records become out of date when not touched only for a few months.

Bad data not only costs your company money in terms of wasted budget (through non delivery) but also damages your reputation as a proactive and sophisticated company to work with.

Data cleansing should be done regularly so that time is not wasted chasing leads that are no longer valid. It goes without saying that having a clean database before commencing a new campaign will dramatically improve efficiency and will definitely improve your response rates.

Why spend valuable time writing interesting and engaging content for your email or telephone call if you are sending it to a poor quality list?

Poor quality lists can include the following:

  • Out of date telephone number
  • Generic email addresses (info@, sales@ etc)
  • Outdated job tiles
  • Incorrect postal mailing address’
  • Inaccurate number of employees

4 good reasons to clean your data

Stopping mailings and telephone calls to businesses who are no longer in operation.

Improves your response rates & Increases your return on Investment

Protects your brand image & reputation

Reduces your impact on the environment.

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