If you’re a marketing manager or part of a new business generation team, you’ll know first-hand that sourcing your leads is a time consuming and frequently fruitless venture. You need your quality leads in order to get the sales flowing, but the process of generating leads is not without its difficulties.

Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff
When sourcing leads for your sales team to prospect, it’s all too easy to see the business world as being full of target worthy companies. The vast majority, however, are a waste of your time and money. They are not, and will never be, in the market for your product or service. The lead generation qualification process you employ in order to sort the wheat from the chaff and ensure you target the right businesses is of paramount importance when creating your lead generation strategy.

Targeting the Right Contacts
It’s also really important to ensure you’re targeting the right people within the organisation you’re trying to win as a customer. Chasing up the right person to speak to wastes a lot of time and there is little point targeting the wrong ones and hoping to get passed to the right person – it doesn’t often happen! Knowing who the decision maker is from the start is the best way to get a foot in the door, especially if you can then tailor your initial contact to them and their job role specifically!

Keeping Current
Keeping your database up to date is paramount to success – there’s no point in wasting effort trying to reach a company that’s folded or a person who’s left the company! Likewise, you want to avoid any duplication of data within your own systems – you don’t want two sales people unknowingly contacting the same company or, worse, contacting someone as a fresh lead who has since actually started working with you – that can be embarrassing and looks unprofessional!

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