Great appointment setting comes in a range of guises.

Male or female, new to the job or widely experienced, all our appointment setters share some core key traits which make them great at appointment setting…

Positivity – great appointment setters are definitely ‘glass is half full’ type people. You’ll face a lot of negativity in this role but come through it with your positive mentality.  Every telemarketing call made that receives a “No” is one call closer to finding someone who needs what you have.

Empathy – Being able to place yourself in the person you’re calling’s shoes is essential. You’ll come up against all kinds of different scenarios and you’ll need to overcome them by demonstrating an understanding and adaptable ear.  Great appointment setters are always thinking about what is important to the potential buyer.

Resilience – you’re most likely going to get knocked back again and again, but you must be able to bounce back. Successful appointment setters have resilience in abundance.

Personable – the most effective appointment setters are comfortable chatting with a wide variety of people. They also tend to be happy and confident in a variety of social settings.

Self-disciplined – top appointment setters are good at organising, planning, and prioritising. “Procrastination” tends not to be in their vocabulary!

Job descriptions for Appointment Setters don’t always reflect these personality traits but attitude is much harder to instill than experience.

We’re always on the lookout for new appointment setters. If your personality fits this profile why not get in touch with us now and see how you could fit in at Virtual Sales Team. Simply click here for more information.

If you would like to find out more, please take a look at our services and how varied this role has now become.