Booking venues for charity fundraisers takes skill, empathy and a network of suitable contacts. We book venues for charities looking to raise funds and awareness, passing on the benefit of the strong relationships we have built over the course of many years. With the support of our efficient and friendly booking team, we can connect charities with the right venues for their fundraising activity. 

We specialise in booking supermarket venues for charity fundraising and we have a well-established network of stores that we work with. Next time you go to a supermarket and see a fundraiser in the foyer, that spot could well have been booked for them by our team. We have been working in this industry for many years and have a vast network of supermarket partners awaiting our call to take your venue booking.

Fundraising Venue Booking for Charities –
How Do You Book?

Booking a supermarket venue for fundraising activities can be a complex process when you don’t know who to approach. Should you speak to the individual supermarket branch? Will you need to obtain permission from the head office? The fact is, each supermarket, and sometimes even each branch, will have its own rules so working out how to book your chosen venue is difficult. 

It can also be difficult to ensure your application makes its way to the right person. If you don’t have any existing contacts within the organisation, it may be a case of submitting a faceless, impersonal written application which can easily get lost amongst paperwork. Selling the benefits of your charity is difficult via a form and being able to have a conversation with the right person is much more productive. 

This is where working with Virtual Sales Team is so beneficial for charities looking for supermarket fundraising venues. 

The Right People to Book Charity Fundraising Venues

As well as having the right knowledge and contacts, we have the right people. Some charities use call centres to book their venues, but we know from experience that this might not be the best method as supermarkets can find them too pushy and sales focused. We pride ourselves on offering flexible employment opportunities for part-time working mums, and these team members are the perfect people to partner with our charity clients and build relationships with fundraising venues. By taking a softer approach than call centres and creating the right venue booking team, we have excellent success rates. Our team members are compassionate, understanding and have great people skills, and we make sure they get to know you and understand what your charity is all about. They will be equipped to represent you far better than someone with a script and an aggressive sales target. 

Partner With Us to Book the Perfect Charity Fundraising Venues

Please get in touch to talk about venue booking for charities and find out how we can partner with you to boost your fundraising efforts and increase awareness. Just give us a call on 0800 085 5574 or fill in our online form.