Have you ever wondered, when you go to a supermarket and see charity fundraisers standing at the entrance, how they got permission to be there? Chances are VST booked their pitch at that store.

Since 2012, Virtual Sales Team has become one of the most renowned and professional venue booking agencies in the UK, in particular where fundraisers are required to be booked into large supermarkets.

This is down to a few reasons.

Firstly, we hold a comprehensive database of over 10,000 stores UK-wide. Since 2012, we have compiled information regarding size of stores, its footfall and busiest days, details of the store’s Charity Champion or Store Manager, and hold notes on previous booking patterns.

Secondly, and more importantly for our success are our callers. We have an established calling team with over 50 years or combined experience between them who do the calling on behalf of our charity clients. This is a mature group of callers, most of whom are part-time working mums who display a more empathetic approach when speaking to charities and stores. We don’t want a younger scripted person who has an aggressive sales target at the back of their mind!

Whilst much of this activity has been paused due to the pandemic, we are now starting to sensitively re-contact with our database of stores to ascertain when it is most appropriate to begin booking again.

We are confident that this service will resume with as much success if not more over the coming months due to a more empathetic public in supporting good causes.

More than that, we are hoping to expand from charities to other clients such as food manufacturers, automotive service providers, telecommunications, television and internet providers, etc.

With our large database to tap into and an experienced and knowledgeable team with good established relationships we are essentially a ready-made plug and play venue booking source! Please note Venue Booking can also be referred to as Field Marketing.

Virtual Sales Team has been operating since 2007 from our Northamptonshire head office. Please click here to see what services we offer or contact us to arrange a call or an online meeting where we’d be please to chat with you.

Chrissy Mitchell, VST Campaign Coordinator