Most companies don’t have enough time or adequate internal resources to engage in generating sales prospects; qualifying leads, separating them into priority groups and nurturing them until they’re ready to buy.

Those that do have internal resources find other challenges that also need to be tackled to keep the business growing; marketing departments are usually focused on lead quantity, not quality so not always well placed to undertake the scoring process and sales teams typically look for a more immediate return, especially if the team is driven by commission-based reward. This can create a problem, there may be a plentiful supply of leads, but how many of them fit the profile of your ideal prospect? Quality scoring is essential – but it’s also essential that if done, it’s done properly!

Businesses turn to lead generation companies like us because we’re experts at solving these problems and quality scoring leads to ensure maximum ROI. However, whilst there are lead generation firms adept at passing along names or setting appointments, some fail to deliver when it comes to the number of those leads converting to sales.

A good lead generation company focuses on identifying and nurturing the best prospects. At Virtual Sales Team, we have a stringent quality control process that drives our primary aim of supplying the 100% qualified leads that B2B companies need to propel revenue. Our industry-leading approach to prospect development means your sales team can spend more time on what they do best – selling and less time on concentrating on prospects that are least likely to be converted to a client.

At Virtual Sales Team, we adopt a strategic approach to planning a lead generation project that accelerates time-to-benefit. This includes a collaborative approach with our clients, who all have a dedicated account manager; experienced, business-savvy and able to engage appropriate-level prospects, they will meet regularly and learn about their business as part of their ongoing training to deliver the project. As the account management aspect extends not only to meeting the client but also having an ongoing relationship, this helps contribute not only to the to the quality scoring of the lead but also the positive feedback scored by the client.

Our clients describe our process as industry-leading due to the time we invest in our clients and the processes we employ to ensure a successful campaign. If you want to find out more about lead generation, appointment setting or venue booking and the processes we use, please call us or use our contact form.