It goes without saying that a competent telemarketer is of major importance when it comes to the success of an outsourced telemarketing campaign. Perhaps, not quite as obvious to the success however, is the client themselves.

Our most successful campaigns at Virtual Sales Team are those where the client not only ensures that detailed information is sent over to us, but also embraces the ethos that we become an extension of their sales and marketing team.

The VST Client Bible

Our unique thirteen-page Client Bible covers everything we need to know in order to execute a comprehensive campaign. These are bespoke to every client we work with, the areas of focus include:

  • Key objectives
  • Company information
  • USPs
  • Your ideal appointment
  • Key competitors

All the information you provide to us is confidential and passed on to the people looking after your account, the same people who will be making calls on your behalf and acting as your sales/customer retention team.

Why do we need all this information?

The more we know about your aims and objectives, the more certain we are that your prospects will not realise that it’s an outsourced agency calling them. It can be off-putting if customers feel they are talking to a third party, so working to remove this risk helps us to make relevant appointments with valued companies.

Along with our Client Bible, here at VST we make off-site visits to our clients so we really get to know your business, service and product. Not only do we listen to what you say about your product or service, we even test them out ourselves. Once our account managers have familiarised themselves firsthand with your product, they are much better equipped to promote it.

If you’re considering outsourcing your appointment setting, then please click here to complete our online contact form or call 0800 085 5574.