Forget all preconceptions of telemarketing

Our team have extensive business and life experience.
None of our callers have previously worked in call centres.


A results-driven partnership

It would be a cliché for us to say VST is unique. It is true to say that we have adopted a unique approach to recruitment which sets us aside from the rest.

Sales Suspects

We will help you maximise the sales potential from your leads, by identifying and contacting with your sales suspects.

Sales Prospects

VST will become, or seamlessly extend, your existing sales and marketing team by offering you the very latest in sales prospects services.

Existing Customers

It’s not all about winning new customers. We also appreciate your need to serve existing accounts. We will support you to ensure that these customers receive the best level of service.

Who We Are

Andrew Smart founded Virtual Sales Team in February 2007. Born out of a determination to turn the typical outsourced telemarketing model completely on its head, he used his industry experience to create a completely different concept.

During his time spent working with world-class telemarketing providers Andrew has delivered some of the best telemarketing campaigns in the industry.

Ultimately, we see ourselves as a partner to companies who outsource their telemarketing to us, providing a sales support service and becoming an extension of your sales and marketing teams. We work together with one goal in mind – to deliver a pipeline of prospects that have a genuine  interest in your products or services.


Our Mission

“In a future of automation, VST will always be the human, professional and personal extension of your sales and marketing team, adding momentum and certainty to the growth of your business.”

Our Vision by 2021

We will be nationally recognised as the most innovative sales lead generation agency in the U.K with quality sitting at the centre of everything we do.

We will be recognised for exceptional service and unsurpassable client and staff retention rates, placing both of them at the heart of our business’s.

Our Values

  • To be regarded by our clients as a partner rather than a supplier
  • To continue to deliver our services through our unique flexible recruitment model 
  • To deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations 
  • To deliver a continuous and tangible ROI figure during all campaigns 
  • To be regarded as an employer of choice
  • To continue to enhance the reputation of the outsourced sales support industry

9 benefits to the VST approach

We believe our unique approach sets us aside from the competition. Explore the reasons why we’re different from other telemarketing companies.

Better Quality Appointments

Our callers are of the highest calibre  and competency, this is reflected in your campaign results.

Better Productivity

We work to a shorter call burst model. In comparison to long repetitive full-time shifts, bursts of calling activity are proven to deliver significantly better results.

More Sophisticated Conversation

No scripts needed. Our staff have extensive business and life experience. Meaning the calls we make are professional and natural in tone. 

Additional Business Contacts

The career profile of our callers means they are still actively involved in the business community, opening up a network of senior business contacts.

Careful Management of Each Campaign

Our callers have the autonomy to conduct your campaign in their own business development style. They take full ownership and are committed to delivering high quality results.

A Superior Image for Your Business

All of our callers held senior roles in their previous careers, this means they’re confident holding business conversations with MDs, Directors of FTSE 500 companies and business owners.

We Uphold The Highest Standards

Our experienced callers are educated, numerate and will communicate with your contacts in the manner you expect and need.

Complete Campaign Flexibility

Our flexible approach means our clients can cost-effectively turn campaign activity up and down. We offer extra resource only when it’s needed, unlike a permanent workforce.

Continuous Brand Knowledge

VST staff work flexible hours and have plenty of support. Our staff are happy, we have a 93% retention rate. This allows knowledge of your brand and products to continually develop.

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