A new VST service, already popular with our clients

Exhibition support does exactly what it says on the tin. It supports you with extra resource for those tiring, time-consuming exhibitions that we all have to do.

We know from personal experience how disruptive a two or three day exhibition can be, not only to your sales and marketing team but also to the whole business – everything grinds to a halt until after the event.

Our exhibition support service is designed to take the pressure off the business, maximise return and add value to your event. We pick staff who may already work on your account and need little or no training to provide you with the vital extra headcount required to man the stand.

Many of our clients expand on this, requesting that our team generate business opportunity meetings on their behalf. We can also follow up the exhibition leads after the event.

To benefit your business even more, when our team support you they also absorb extra information about your company and industry, becoming a more valuable extension to your existing sales and marketing team.


What is outsourced exhibition support? 

Outsourced exhibition support is simply additional support for businesses exhibiting and an event. Sales representatives can support business by helping them talk to more customers, manage enquiries and even generate leads so that exhibitions can be more sales focused and commercially valuable.

Why outsource exhibition support and sales?

Exhibitions can be very valuable for businesses but they are demanding and expensive in terms of the resources required. External support can lessen the workload for employees, especially if the exhibition is running over multiple days and resources are tight. It can help to generate leads and make the event more successful. 

How can an outsourced sales team assist with exhibitions? 

External sales representatives can support you at exhibitions, help to increase leads and sales and, if required, follow up on leads after the exhibition. It is most beneficial to use a sales representative that knows your business and can accurately and effectively talk to your potential customers. 

We can arrange for a sales representative who already works on your account to provide the exhibition support you need.

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