Make sure your data is working hard for you with our data building and cleansing service. We focus on making your data accurate and relevant, optimising your database for success.

Why is Data Cleansing Important?

Data cleansing is important because it keeps databases up to date, which is essential for effective marketing. Competitive, targeted marketing requires an accurate, well-profiled database to ensure campaign success.

People often think that data cleansing can all be done digitally when in fact the most effective way of varying information and data is simply to pick up the phone and call the company you are wishing to target. Receptionists would rather someone called them to validate information then send incorrect Emails or Direct Mail to the wrong person or someone that has left the company as it’s an expensive waste of time for everyone.

Think back to the last time you looked closely at your company’s data. We know businesses simply don’t have the time to keep databases up to date, but this means you’re probably relying on data that isn’t accurate. If you don’t cleanse your data often enough, it quickly becomes irrelevant: over a 12-month period, one third of a database will become outdated.

This is why data cleansing is vital. Good data forms the foundations of successful marketing and allows you to target campaigns effectively.

Let’s not forget GDPR – obtaining opt in’s and respecting opt outs will improve your reputation and of course keep you legal.

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How Does Data Cleansing Work?

Data cleansing works to enhance your company’s database by identifying changes in contact details and updating information. Details such as staff names, movers, telephone numbers, email addresses and business codes will be added, amended, and removed, as necessary. During the process, unmarketable addresses and duplicate details will also be removed to improve efficiencies and ensure you’re contacting the right people.

Bad data can cost you money through a wasted budget due to non-delivery, while also damaging your reputation as a proactive and sophisticated company to work with. A clean database ahead of a new campaign will dramatically improve efficiencies, as well as your response rates.

Optimised Data for Effective Marketing

Good data improves return on investment (ROI) when running marketing campaigns. You can use your marketing budget more effectively and cut your spend by carrying out regular data cleansing and working to build up an effective, useful database.

We are a highly effective data cleansing company – one of the most effective in the UK, in fact. Our data building and cleansing service will work to check and update:

  • Decision makers names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses (on average we collect 65% of personal email addresses)
  • Alternative decision makers
  • Employee size
  • Turnover
  • Industry sector

Virtual Sales Team is here to support you by giving your database a detox. We can cleanse your data on an ongoing basis, ensuring it’s always reliable, without having to complete this time-consuming task yourself. Take a look at our packages and learn more about what we can offer you.

Four Key Reasons to Begin Cleansing Your Data Today

Start every campaign with
up-to-date details: ensure your communications reach the right people

Improve your response rates and increase ROI

Protect your brand image and reputation

Reduces your impact on the environment

Let’s Identify New Opportunities Together

Data cleansing is just one of the services we offer to help you identify opportunities, taking you one step closer to finding your next customer.
Let us help you find more opportunities through:

What is the meaning of data cleansing?

Data cleansing, also known as data cleaning, is the process of identifying corrupt, duplicate, inaccurate or irrelevant customer or prospect data. Data is then removed or amended to improve the reliability of records stored within a database. For businesses, this process helps target the right profile of company and decision making which will ultimately make the campaign more targeted and efficient which will result in an increased return on investment (ROI).

Is data cleansing a useful process?

Data cleansing is important to improve the quality of data and make your campaigns as effective as possible. The process helps remove old and irrelevant data, giving you the best chance of success when engaging with prospects and leads, therefore driving the potential ROI. It also allows for more streamlined communication with existing customers.

Data cleansing is equally as important from a GDPR perspective, ensuring all rules and regulations under the General Data Protection Regulation act are clearly met when handling datasets.

What does data building mean?

Data building means creating targeted lists of contacts for marketing and sales purposes. Curating relevant contacts means businesses can carry out more targeted campaigns, reaching the most valuable prospects and leads. Data cleansing is important alongside building to ensure budget is not wasted by contacting old or irrelevant prospects.

Databases can also be built from a blank sheet based upon the profile of the type of customer you are looking to market to. In B2B for example, company websites, credit reference agencies and directory’s and of course phoning or writing to the company can all be used as sources for building databases. This kind of activity can be done in house but it’s likely to be more commercial to outsource this type of activity to a specialist database builder or research company.

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