Find your dream prospects

The VST lead generation service works by helping you find your ideal prospective customers, the ones who will become your most valued and profitable. The lead generation service is perfect for those businesses who do not want to travel long distances on speculative business, which isn’t cost effective and is often demotivating for your sales teams.

The Virtual Sales Team Lead Generation service is designed to find your ideal prospective customers – this means the ones who will be with you long term, and those who will be most profitable to have on board.

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Find Your Dream Prospects With The VST Lead Generation Service

Our virtual Lead Generation service is ideal because:

  • You’re delivered qualified leads without taking up your own team’s valuable time
  • You don’t have to travel long distances on speculative business
  • In-house sales teams can handle existing leads, using their skills to get the sale over the line
  • Your team stays more motivated through dealing with ideal prospects and qualified leads

Much of the time, the trickiest part of lead generation is the distance between you and your ideal prospects – they probably won’t be right on your doorstep. Our lead generation team works virtually, obtaining all the information you need over the phone. It’s simple, efficient and incredibly cost effective.

Why stop there? Get one step closer to your next customer with our appointment setting service.

Our Lead Generation Process

During the lead generation process, we will:

  • Identify potential opportunities
  • Gather information
  • Benchmark against your ideal prospect criteria
  • Set a time and date for a telephone appointment
  • Aim to progress the discussion to an appointment with your team, be it face-to-face or over a video/telephone call

We can also help you identify opportunities to tender for work and get your name on preferred supplier lists. As your Virtual Sales Team, we work around your requirements.

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Why Use Virtual Lead Generation Services?

Outsourcing lead generation is a simple, cost-effective way to free up your sales team and save money. This is because your in-house team can stop spending time on unqualified opportunities – we put in the work at the beginning to kick-start the process.

Virtual lead generation services will:

  • Build you a list of hot prospects, who have a budget for your products or services
  • Save you time so you can focus on your business
  • Save you money on travel costs and administrative tasks
  • Prevent you pursuing leads too soon, optimising the performance of your sales team
  • Deliver fully qualified leads to you
  • Identify opportunities to tender and make it onto preferred supplier lists
  • Gather crucial details on processes, contacts and decision makers

Generate More Leads, Faster

Let us put you in front of your next customer. Try our Virtual Lead Generation Services and hand over the initial part of the sales process. Your own team can pick up fully qualified, motivated leads and turn them into conversions.

We don’t use a script, preferring to keep the conversation natural. We find this helps us achieve your aims more effectively and create the best possible first impression.

We act as your sales partners, delivering the strongest message to your potential customers. We pay close attention to detail, ensuring that we target the right companies, with the right message, at the right time. This also includes keeping up-to-date lists of companies you don’t wish us to contact, using your sales budget effectively.

Ultimately, our clients choose us because we help them foster connections with prospects and provide strong foundations for future business relationships. We can do the same for your business, partnering with you as your Virtual Sales Team.

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We Can Help your Business Grow

Lead generation is just one part of what we can do to help qualify demand and put you in front of your next customer. Let us help you grow further with:

Indirect Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Outsourced Exhibition Support and Sales

Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a process in sales and marketing which involves sourcing leads, i.e. a potential customer who may have an interest in a company’s products or services. Lead generation can deliver unqualified leads, or qualified leads where the potential customer is more likely to convert.

We focus on generating highly qualified leads that are relevant to your business and will align with your vision for growth. 

What processes are used to generate leads?

Lead generation processes are at the top of the sales funnel and the beginning of the customer journey. To generate leads, companies can make cold calls, send direct emails or mail, use LinkedIn or other social media platforms, create surveys or downloads, write blogs and articles, as well as using many other methods. 

What are the different types of lead generation?

There are two main types of lead generation: inbound and outbound. Inbound lead generation is less direct and usually involves the creation of landing pages, communications and other content. Outbound lead generation means reaching out to people directly, usually via phone or email. 

How can we assist you with lead generation?

We can contact potential customers on your behalf and make your business known to them. Our lead generation service focuses on identifying then qualifying leads, helping to put you in front of your next customer. 

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