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The VST lead generation service works by helping you find your ideal prospective customers, the ones who will become your most valued and profitable. The lead generation service is perfect for those businesses who do not want to travel long distances on speculative business, which isn’t cost effective and is often demotivating for your sales teams.

The tricky part is that these customers are not always right on your doorstep.

Our lead generation team work to find all the information you need over the telephone, this will then be benchmarked against your ideal prospect criteria.

Once the lead is fully qualified our callers will set a date and time for a telephone appointment, allowing your team to progress the discussions further and ideally result in booking a face-to-face appointment.

Our lead generation service can also identify tender and preferred supplier list opportunities, gathering the crucial details on processes, contacts and requirements on how to apply, bringing your company to the attention of the prospect via their chosen and correct route of communication.

Essentially, our lead generation team will build you a list of hot prospects, currently in the market, with a budget for your products or services. Leaving your sales teams in control of deciding which appointments should appear in their diary and when.

How can VST Help?

Here at VST we believe in partnering with your company, thus ensuring we deliver the strongest message to your potential clients. Our lead generation service is perfect for those businesses who cannot afford to invest valuable time on speculative business. This is simply not cost effective, is time-consuming and can be demotivating so let us step in and take the weight off your sales team!

We also ensure that we have up to date lists with any companies you don’t wish us to contact and we work extensively with our clients to build a project-specific lead generation program. We ensure that we target the right companies, with the right message, at the right time, fostering strong connections with prospects and providing great foundations for future business relationships.

Virtual Sales Team specialise in lead generation, so for more information about our lead generation service please contact us using our online form or call us on 0800 085 5574.

Lead Generation

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