4 steps to a fantastic Value Proposition….

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4 steps to a fantastic Value Proposition….

In challenging and uncertain times like these, it can be difficult to know what to focus us on next:  Product, Service, Efficiency, Cash Flow, Automation, Your Market, Digitisation, Pricing… this list is endless.

In truth, I think the answer is all of the above.

One suggestion I would like to make if you are working ‘on the business’ right now is to look again at your value proposition. This isn’t your tag line, your features, or your benefits – it’s the value that your customers gain from using you minus the price they actually pay you i.e. The “Why” they use you!

Communicating your value proposition can be difficult to do in a short and succinct way. If you have been through this kind of exercise before you will know how easy it is to verge into the details of your product and service.  Most of us find it challenging to focus the conversations you have with prospects when they are at the early stages of the sale.  It’s often a challenge for our new customers and after many hours of academic lectures and leading our client campaign workshops,  I thought I’d share a superb video that I felt describes the process so clearly.

Maybe this will help you define ‘Why your customers choose you’ or ‘why they will choose you in the new economy’?

Hope you find this useful: 4 Steps To Create A Killer Value Proposition