Northampton based sales support agency Virtual Sales Team (VST) are embarking on a unique recruitment strategy to attract talented new employees into the business. The VST team is continuing to grow and evolve at their HQ in Rushmills Northampton, in order to meet market demands and address the skills shortage they are employing local wildlife. On April the 3rd they’ll be marking an industry first and will be welcoming Mr Drake to join the team.

Andrew Smart, Managing Director at VST said:

“We’re always open to trying innovative new ideas, particularly when it comes to recruitment. We’ve tried the normal routes such as web-based agencies, traditional agencies, recommendations, social media advertising and job fairs. We’ve been lucky enough to attract and retain some great team members from those sources but we felt that a new approach was needed.

When asked how the idea came about, Andrew commented:

“It all began on a trip to Abington Park, my family and I were walking by the pond and I had a eureka moment. Ducks are highly vocal and tenacious characters. They have the attributes to become strong salespeople, with the right training and support we’re sure they’ll be flying in no time. It’s a natural fit for everyone.

Andrew added:

“We’ve had to make a few small adjustments in the office kitchen, like the addition of a small paddling pool but we’re firm believers that a happy team is a successful team. In fact, we’ve won awards for our flexible approach to recruitment, so it’s no surprise that we’re attracting applicants from all walks or waddles or life, we welcome them!”

If you’re a duck, badger, squirrel or just a simple human and you’re looking for a new career opportunity, contact VST today on – 01604 60 99 44 or visit