Data and its quality impacts every aspect of your business, especially sales & marketing. If performance is low, your sales database is a mess, and the pipeline has lost momentum – it might be time for a review.  Data is the fuel for successful sales. Poor sales intelligence will leave cold calls flat and prospects will remain unreachable.

Do you want a 2 star, 4 star or high-octane race performance fuel igniting your sales? 62% organisations rely on marketing or prospect data that is

20 – 40% inaccurate. Whilst 94% of businesses suspect that their customer data is inaccurate.

Similarly, 27.3% of a sales rep’s time is wasted by inaccurate B2B contact data. Unsurprisingly,  all of this will impact the bottom line. If you’re calling the wrong people and not reaching the decision maker, data could be the issue.

So, what do you do? What is the solution?

You need to improve your B2B prospect data to get high octane sales performance.

How is it done?

Firstly, review your existing database to highlight inaccurate and incomplete prospect records and then fill those holes that you’ve identified

Next, look at how you gather information.

1. What methods do you use? 

2. What information do you require? 

3. Do you need to answer certain questions to help qualification? 

4. Have you got an ideal persona? 

5. Have you outlined your ideal prospect?

Invest in gathering this data to produce the quality and quantity that you need.  This may be via combining code with data, using a data house, “eyeball” research or a combination of these.

Continuous review is needed.

Data decays at a rate of around 2% per month. Meaning that 20% will become unusable in a year so it is essential that there are a regular review and update.

Continuously working your data, keeping it current and viable is the key to continuity in sales. How you go about integrating this into your current systems and setup can be a challenge.  Data drives prospecting and prospecting drives sales.

At VST we help fuel this process for our clients. We understand that quality is key. To generate the qualified lead, to manage the remote account, to book the venue and to provide trusted lists.  We know that the data must be 100% right.

So, the next time you connect with a customer, start a sales campaign or invest in a marketing initiative how will you know you’re in contact with the right person?  How will you know that your market intelligence is right?   How will you know you can trust your data? Who will build, review and maintain your prospecting data?

This is where we can help, Virtual Sales Team has over a decade’s experience in sourcing, cleansing and building data for B2B clients across all sectors. You could say that we’re suppliers of high octane fuel – in the world of data that is.

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