This week we are bringing you the second in our series of blogs exploring the results of some recent research we did to find out why our customers chose Virtual Sales Team (VST) as ‘the trusted extension to their sales and marketing team’.

From our findings four words were consistently mentioned, these were – Certainty, Momentum, Flexibility and Trust.

Last week we looked at what it means to bring certainty to the process of lead generation and building a sales pipeline. This time we’ll be looking at momentum and what this means to us and more importantly, what it means to you – our customers.

A logical starting point is to begin by looking at the definition of momentum.

Here is what the Cambridge Dictionary tells us:
Momentum – The force that keeps an object moving or keeps an event developing  after it has started

It’s quite simple, momentum keeps things moving forward. Think of a car stuck in heavy traffic, continuously stopping and starting. Frustrating of course if you are the driver (or indeed a passenger) but economy wise this will be the least efficient way to run the car and of course, the journey will take longer. Momentum (on a clear road which you have planned for) lets the engine run at its optimal performance, efficiently in the shortest time.

Using the analogy of the car as your new business pipeline, stopping and starting is never going to produce a smooth ride for anyone in that business but it’s also going to cost more money in the long term as the work you have to deliver becomes extremely unpredictable causing resourcing, operational and of course cash flow issues.

Maintaining momentum within your sales pipeline is key to meeting your business goals of the future and of course a smoother ride for all involved!

What does momentum mean to you (our customers)?

Let’s go back to the car example. Imagine the car doesn’t even have a driver and it’s moving along the road, it will keep moving for a while but eventually, it will grind to a halt or possibly crash. Like a car, a sales pipeline without momentum or a driver will eventually crash or just stop. Our job at VST is to be the person who drives the car (or the sales pipeline) steers it in the right direction and keeps the foot on the accelerator.

This approach builds our clients’ pipeline with both volume (acceleration) and targeted direction (steering). These are some of the hardest things to gain in the sales process and some of the easiest things to lose.

What does momentum mean to us?

A common situation our clients face is a sales team who are all busy building a pipeline of prospects. The salespeople are nurturing and growing key relationships, building rapport and trust. They’re also busy putting together proposals, attending meetings, driving and doing admin. This activity is great and necessary but it leaves a void in the business and poses the question – who is responsible for lead generation?

This is a major internal challenge, that promised call back that is missed, the lost sales appointment or the distractions of the job that swallows time and decreases momentum. Second chances are few.

By taking the wheel and keeping our foot firmly on the gas we solve this problem for our clients. Our research shows that it’s one of the key reasons they work with us. Put simply, VST builds momentum into the sales and marketing process.

I’d be interested to hear what momentum means to your business and maybe how we could possibly help you create it. Please email your thoughts, questions and feedback to or visit to find out more about us.