We’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. After over ten years in business, we are unveiling a new brand identity and logo. You can expect to see it across all of our future communications with you.

Brand story

Virtual Sales Team was born in 2007. We’ve spent the last decade delivering world-class telemarketing and sales support campaigns for our clients. Our vision was (and still is) to completely reinvent the traditional outsourced telemarketing model. Ten years on, we have successfully developed a unique and highly effective way of delivering sales support.

Our flexible approach to recruitment is a big part of what differentiates us from our competitors. Offering flexible shift patterns attracts experienced business people who need and want flexibility around their professional and family commitments. Because of this, a large proportion of our team are part-time back to work mums and self-employed people. Work-life balance is and will always be part of our culture. This ethos continues to attract the best talent and means that we produce excellent results for our clients.

Since we began, our portfolio of services has continued to evolve and grow. We work in partnership with our clients on a variety of campaign styles, including lead generation, database building and cleansing, account management and telemarketing training.   

Our original branding strongly featured people and demonstrated our services as an outsourced sales team, a Virtual Sales Team. Our previous corporate styling used imagery of chameleons to communicate our ability to fully adapt, becoming an extension of our clients’ sales teams. 

The new logo reflects the evolution of the business as well as our progressive and contemporary approach to doing business. So, what do you think? We’d love to know. Tweet us or message us on Facebook.