Companies spend a lot of time and money on exhibitions because they realise the value of raising the profile of their brand and the opportunity to generate qualified leads and appointment setting.

Maximising the opportunities at an event takes a lot of preparation and it’s important that any company making the decision to exhibit understands the need to fully invest in both the marketing and staff training the event will require, both before and the follow up after!

Before the Event
4 steps a business needs to take before an exhibition:

  • Fully identify goals and objectives for the event and make sure all marketing material and training is tailored towards making these happen
  • Invest in an eye-catching stand that will attract an audience and make them feel welcome to stay and chat
  • Advertise their attendance in the run-up to the event across a wide range of marketing channels, including social media and word of mouth
  • Brief and train staff on which prospects to target, and how to interact effectively with sales prospects and clients alike

After the Event
Good preparation should ultimately lead to a successful event that generates a healthy list of sales leads. But what happens then? It’s a common story for many ambitious but overstretched companies with the limited in-house capacity to struggle to keep on top of all those potential sales leads whilst also keeping on top of the day job. Unfortunately for some, a successful exhibition can lead to an unhealthy return on investment, purely down to lack of resources.

If you can identify with this challenge, we can help. By utilising the additional sales services offered by the Virtual Sales Team, huge benefits are within reach for appointment setting. Our dedicated Exhibition Support services provide extra resources and make sure the business can still operate under the extra pressure of holding an event.

Our staff will become a valued extension to your existing sales and marketing team, and may already work on your account and therefore need little to virtually no training to provide you with the vital extra headcount required to man the stand.

Many of our clients have taken this a step further in requesting that our team to achieve appointment setting on their behalf, some of which may even take place at the exhibition. We can also follow-up on the numerous leads received during the exhibition, which you never seem to have enough time to sort through once the event is over, and if the event is over a period of a few days, we can do this whilst you’re still there.

An additional outcome is that the Virtual Sales Team absorbs even more information about your company and industry, becoming an even more valuable extension to your team whilst continuing to identify additional business opportunities throughout all the sectors you work in.

Contact Us
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