Carrying on with our “Lessons Learnt from Telemarketing” series, this month we are looking at how “Good Manners Make Sales”.

It’s common sense to say that presenting yourself well with good manners is going to get you much further than if you do the opposite. Nobody wants to deal with an aggressive telemarketer and given it’s much easier to hang up on someone than it is to walk away in person, it’s more likely this will happen and you’ll have a failed call on your list. It is essential to keep your tone and conversation polite and friendly, even if you’re presented with the opposite from your receiver. You, after all, are the professional, and keeping your manner polite and calm stands much more chance of making sales than coming across as rude.


Some people say that smiling whilst you’re on the phone will keep your tone lighter and your spirits higher, as a smile naturally releases endorphins that make you happier. It may not work for everyone, but the odd smile here and there won’t hurt. If the conversation leads to a natural, mutual chuckle then don’t be afraid to go with it.

Positive Outlook

Sometimes easier said than done but stay positive. Whether you have had a string of abrupt hang-ups or you’re having a bit of a bad day, remaining positive at the start of each call will naturally lead you to sound more cheerful and polite on the phone. A downcast tone is often mistaken for abruptness or rudeness on a call, as the recipient can’t read your facial expressions, so lkeeping your tone positive will prevent your listener from thinking you are anything except cheerful and polite.

Natural Conversation

We don’t believe in following strict scripts, but if you are, try to intersperse here and there with some natural conversation. Not mindless chatter but go along with the conversation and inject some real-world context to it if you can. For example, your recipient may drop into conversation something about their children or how busy their day is; you can work with that and emphasise; maybe give a short example that is similar to what they are saying, so they know you understand their perspective.

Take a Break

You know if the constant communication is starting to get to you, and if it is, try to take a break. Whether that’s a quick five mins away from your desk or a longer break to eat or take a stroll, taking time out gives you a chance to recalibrate and unwind, especially if you’ve had a busy day. When you get back, there’s much better chance of your manner remaining happy and calm then accidentally sounding stressed or angry.