Would you like to hire a great salesperson now? We appreciate that for growing businesses the answer is usually, yes. Top performing salespeople are sought after and can be very difficult to attract and retain. In our experience, when a business reaches the point that they need to recruit salespeople, what they don’t realise is that it takes a lot of time to find the talent that will grow into a top sales performer.

In smaller businesses, that salesperson has to be many things and wear many hats – lead generation, qualification, appointment setting, proposal writing, and managing and closing a sales pipeline.  It is rare and expensive to find a single person with all these skills in equal measure.

If your business is in this situation, you’re probably wondering – How long will it take to recruit a salesperson? In truth, it will depend on how deep and wide your talent pool is? Are you aware of your network of potential candidates and within that, who will make a great salesperson? Perhaps you have a well-established LinkedIn presence or do lots of networking in real life.

On the flip side, perhaps you don’t have an established network of talented candidates or you’re not sure where to start the search for the right person. You could place an advert online, the quality of the applications can be varied and you’ll have to invest lots of time sifting through C.Vs. Another option is to use a recruitment agency. This can be costly, you can expect to pay, 20-30% of the final salary offered. Bearing in mind that the average U.K salary is around 27K per annum, you’re looking at paying a fee of approximately 3K for your new member of the sales team. In reality, a Business Development Manager will earn a salary of 35K per annum.

Is there an alternative to help me hire a salesperson?

The good news is yes, there is. If you want to recruit an internal, permanent salesperson but also need help finding new business and growing the existing business, working with a sales support or telemarketing agency offers a solid solution. However, there can be some concerns about working with a third party supplier. One of the most frequent questions that we’re often asked by prospective clients is –

As a third party will you be knowledgeable enough to represent the business?

Our answer is always yes but only if you’re working with a professional and reputable sales support agency. We have a month-long implementation process where we’ll work in partnership with you to collect all of the information we need to make the campaign a success. At this time we’ll fully familiarise our team with your service and products. The prospects never realise that it’s us calling. We always call “as” our clients, not on “behalf of”.

As well as generating leads, you might also be surprised by some of the ways telemarketing agencies can support you. The services we offer focus strongly on lead generation but go a lot further too. For example, we can supply market information telling you where prospective clients are in their buying cycle or manage a direct mail campaign with follow-up calls. We also frequently work with our clients to contact their dormant accounts to build the relationships and increase sales.

We do this by employing professional people with business and life experience. Put simply, Our sales team become your sales team, whether that’s to complement your existing team or to act fully as your sales team.

At VST we hire more salespeople, so you don’t have to.

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