Many appointment setting companies focus purely on numbers when it comes to measuring the success of their clients’ campaigns. Normally a final statistical report is automatically generated and sent over to the client, which contains little or no qualitative information. Whilst this quantitative approach might prove useful for delivering numbers for statistical analysis, it really only scratches the surface.

Forming Long Term Relationships
Here at Virtual Sales Team, we believe in forming long term relationships with our clients. When our callers embark on a new campaign they are looking to form strong relationships with clients, with the view to laying the foundations to develop long term partnerships.

Some clients ask us why account management is such a fundamental component of our appointment setting and lead generation services, and we always say the same thing. Our aim is for our sales team to become an extension of our clients’ business. We want to have named contacts and to be armed with relevant, up to date information about the client. This enables us to acquire information from the calls we make, information which will then provide our clients with a useful insight into the prospects’ business. Our team at Virtual Sales Team takes ownership of both the client and the call and we ensure that they are equipped to do so.

Telephone Account Management Skills
Our telephone account management skills really shine when we contact a client’s existing customer base. It’s of paramount importance that our appointment setting and lead generation teams seamlessly weave into existing own sales and marketing teams, so we are equipped with all the vital information we need for a successful call, especially to a new prospect.

Our callers are also experienced in maintaining relationships with existing clients. Everyone knows that it’s much easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one, yet if yours is like most other businesses you won’t have the time to keep regular contact with all your clients.

The Pareto principle is often quoted in business, it states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. It goes without saying that you may not have the time to maintain a close relationship with all of your customers; generally, you will focus on the larger clients where the most growth potential is. That’s where we come in. Why not let VST contact your smaller clients that do not warrant a regular visit, but still need monthly contact to ensure they’re happy and feeling secure with the service. We’ll ensure that this group of customers still feel valued whilst seeking to increase revenues by identifying new business opportunities from within them. Our team will ensure ALL your clients feel cared for.

For more information about how VST could provide your business with lead generation, appointment setting, or telephone account management for your existing customers, call us on 0800 085 5574 to discuss your requirements.