It goes without saying that every telemarketer is different and, likewise, every product and service is a different sell. However, great appointment setting calls have commonalities. When observed and utilised, these key ingredients can transform an average telemarketing call into a great lead generation call.


Many telemarketers fail even before their call has begun. We all know the saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and this has never been truer than in the appointment setting arena. Before you even pick up the phone, there should be a clear idea of why you are calling i.e. what you want the phone call to achieve and the USPs you can detail to achieve that aim.


Ensure the recipient knows the reason for your call within the first 10 seconds of them answering the phone, if you are not sure, the purpose of calling is appointment setting. Make sure you are clear and concise, whilst maintaining a friendly and open approach. It’s also important to listen to the customer, so if they tell you they can’t take a call at that time try to rearrange rather than force them to listen.


Let’s be honest, no one likes a rambling Ronnie! When considering the content of your call, it’s vitally important that precision is the consistent theme throughout. Whilst no one wants a phone call with an obvious script reader, no one wants a conversation with someone who takes 5 minutes to say something that could’ve been said in 60 seconds. People are busy and their time is precious. The rule of thumb is simple: get to the point, on EVERY point; don’t waffle!

At Virtual Sales Team our calls are consistently monitored for quality and training purposes. Amongst a variety of other things, we ensure there are no rambling Ronnie’s on our team!

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